Eriswell Lodge & ‘The Floppy Droppy’

On Saturday the 26th of September 2015, we headed off to Eriswell Lodge near to Brandon, Thetford on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Eriswell Lodge is on the old Lakenheath Shooting Club site opposite RAF Lakenheath and by god have they put a lot of time, money and skill into updating everything!

Lovely ground with a HUGE variety of stands including the wonderfully titled ‘Floppy Droppy’ which is literally a test of reaction time – imagine a clay starting at the ground, lifting around 2 meters in the air and only travelling for 3/4 meters and fast and thats the ‘The Floppy Droppy’! Lets just say that it may have messed up the scoring averages….

We had over 25 lovely ladies join us for the day, some more experienced guns, some complete beginners who had never held a gun before and some beginners who were used to a very different type of shooting such as rifles, air rifles and hand guns!

We finished off the day with some lovely homemade dishes!

And delicious Raspberry Champagne Jelly topped with bubbles!

Huge thank you’s to Stuart and his wonderful team of instructors (Alan, Derrick, Gary) and support staff, we all had such a wonderful time and we’re really looking forward to coming back soon!