Never work with Animals and Children!

We are eagerly anticipating an article on LaSS by one of the business editors from the Eastern Daily Press (EDP), but before this can be published, we needed to go for a photoshoot!

So we arranged a time and a place and are the LaSS Team are good to go. We arrive at the farm and wait for the Archant photographer, Denise, to arrive. As with most places in East Anglia, the postcode never takes you to the right place and the SatNav loves to make you put lots of extra miles on your car.

We meet with Denise and start to discuss the type of shot she would like to get. At this point we suddenly realise “Oh SHOOT! We’ve forgotten the Bubbles!” Bubbles – the key element to all of our events, the cherry on the cake that all of our ladies love to enjoy at the end of a hard days work, and we forgot to bring it! Oh bugger, oh well…

Denise wants to get lots of photos with the dogs, understandable really when you look as beautiful as they do but this is when we fully appreciate the phase “Never Work with Small Children and Animals“. 4 dogs, 2 handlers and 1 camera and I don’t think we managed 1 photo with everyone looking in the same (correct) direction! The 5 of us get in a line (The terrier has to be held as she just wants to run off and find any rats in the vicinity), but soon realise that having predominantly black dogs, that we need as much light as possible on them, in order for them to actually have any features in a photograph. Thus, the humans shuffle back, so the dogs decide they’re going to follow, so we need to get everyone back in the correct position, we manage the perfect position, good light and everyone can be seen, we’re waiting for the click of the camera … and of course, we’ve waited far too long for any dog to possibly wait (maybe all of 5 seconds) when there is lots of interesting smells and dead clays to chase! One dog moves, so then the next one has to follow, we manage to get them back in line and of course the 3rd black dog has gotten bored with all of this and so decided that she wants to lie down and doesn’t really want to sit up again, the terrier is squirming around desperately trying to get to all of the rats, the 2 other black dogs are repeatedly doing loops around our legs – What was that phase again!?!

We eventually got sorted and had some lovely photos taken and we all throughly enjoyed ourselves in the lovely spring sunshine!

A HUGE thank you to Denise the photographer who had lots of patience when dealing with all of our little terrors. We really enjoyed meeting, chatting and working with her and are looking forward to seeing her soon!

Now, we just have to keep our eyes to the latest EDP newspaper for more LaSS news!