Do you have a question?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered below then please don’t hesitate to get in contact and ask us! 

Do I have to be a member of LaSS to join your days?

Nope, you don't have to be a LaSS member to come along to our days, however, you do have to book your space through our Shop page. If you do decide to become a LaSS member you will get a discount on all our events along with a whole range of other Member Benefits

I’ve never shot before, can I still come?

Don’t worry neither had one of our founding members! That’s why we started LaSS, to help more ladies to try out shooting. If you like it then brilliant! If you don’t enjoy it, we won’t be offended, just pleased that you gave it a go and hopefully you’ll have made some friends.

I’ve shot before, can I still come?

Of course you can! You will be put into a group with ladies who are of similar experience and your coach will instruct you appropriately to your shooting level.

How do I sign up to one of your events?

If you would like to come along to one of our events, just go to the Shop page where you can browse our one-off Clay Days, Shooting Clinics and other things we have going on. All events are sorted by date so it's very easy to see what our next event is. 

Once you find an event you would like to join you need to first choose between a LaSS Member or Non-Member ticket. If you are a member and choose to buy a Member ticket you will be asked to fill in your member number at the checkout (you find this on the back of your membership card). If you're buying a Non-Member ticket you will not need to fill in your membership number. 

On the shopping page you will also need to choose your experience level - First Time, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. We ask for this information to make sure we can organise the groups accordingly. Once you've selected your Experience level you're selection will be visible in your shopping cart. You can buy multiple tickets and sign up to multiple events at once. 

On the checkout page you will be asked to fill out personal information, just like you would on any shopping website. However, in order to ensure you have a good day we also ask for things like allergies and dietary requirements, gauge if you're bringing your own gun, name of additional person in case you're booking for someone else, etc. Please fill this out as it really helps us to make your day enjoyable!

After you've made your payment you will receive a confirmation. About 5-7 days before the event you will receive another email from us with all the details, directions, etc. for the day. 

How do you know which Experience Level I should choose?

We ask you to choose your experience level to ensure that the shooting ground know what instructors they need to have at hand and for us to put you in the correct group. The different options are:

First-time: If you have never held a gun, never tried shooting or have tried shooting but would like to go through the basics again this is the group for you. The instructor will move at a slightly slower pace, go through all the elements of clay shooting, from safety to how to hold then gun and how to think about the targets. 

Beginner: This option is for anyone who have tried shooting a few times, perhaps been to a couple of LaSS days or similar. A lot of attention will be paid to the basics but you will also get to shoot a lot!

Intermediate: The intermediate group is for people who have done a fair bit of shooting but would like to improve and get personal feedback on their shooting. Targets and stands will be adapted to the group's level but are sure to challenge you!

Advanced: This is the group for ladies who have done quite a lot of shooting and feel comfortable with most types of stands. In this group you can expect to shoot a lot with faster and more advanced clays to challenge you and get you to think about your technique, etc. 

Hopefully this explains the different group options, but if you feel unsure just get in touch and we can help you out!

I'm a bit nervous about coming along, can you please explain how one of your days work?

There is nothing to be nervous about, all the ladies that join our days are super friendly and the instructors always make sure everyone feels comfortable. On the "How our Days Work" page we have put together a short outline of a typical LaSS Clay Day, if you have any further questions, just get in touch and we'd be more than happy to help. 

I don't have my own gun, can I borrow one on the day?

Yes, you don't have to have a gun to join our Clay Days - gun, cartridges and all the safety equipment you need will be provided. 

I have my own gun, so what do I have to bring?

If you have your own gun, please make sure you bring your licence. For most of our days, cartridges are provided so we would like to know what gauge you need to we can ensure the shooting ground have enough. At some events you will need to bring your own cartridges, if this is the case we will let you know well in time. 

I don’t want to actually shoot but I would still love to be come along, am I allowed?

We’d love to have you! Please feel free to come along for the day to see what it’s all about – You’ll get to meet lots of friendly ladies and you’ll also get to enjoy the cake and bubbles! Just get in touch via email and we can organise this for you. 

Whats the dress code? I don’t shoot and I don’t live in the countryside so I don’t know what to wear – What should I do?

Don’t worry there’s no dress code. Just make sure that you wrap up for the conditions as we will be outside i.e. warm and/or waterproof clothes and shoes / wellies.

Can anyone come, no matter their age? 

The only age restriction we have is that you are over 15. (Under 18s will not be given any alcohol, but we will have lovely fresh lemonade for you to enjoy!)

I would like to come along with my wife, am I allowed?

Sorry husbands, boyfriends, partners, sons, nephews and any other men – this is for ladies only. However, we will have invitation days from time to time …

How do I find out about new events?

Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events page, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to be the first one to find out about all the things we have going on!

How much does it cost?

We want to have each day to be special and individual, so the costs might vary depending on the day so check out our upcoming events page to find out the cost.