LaSS Membership 2018/19

LaSS Membership 2018/19

Regular price £25.00

Do you want to join our group of amazing shooting ladies, be first to find out about new events, enjoy discounts on all our events and exclusive offers from our partners? – Then you should become a LaSS!

LaSS wants to get more women into shooting by organising fun and social events in a friendly and welcoming environment. By becoming a member of LaSS, you will:

  • Receive a membership pack with lots of goodies including your LaSS membership card

  • Be the first to receive updates about upcoming events

  • Receive a discount on all our events

  • Get access to exclusive offers and discounts from our partners and sponsors 

Your membership is valid from the day of purchase until 28th February 2019. Membership is priced at a pro-rata basis i.e. you will only be paying for the months until the next annual renewal.

If you're also considering becoming a member of the British Association of Shooting and Consideration (BASC) you will receive a discount if you sign up through LaSS. For more information click here.